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Vinyl Flooring in Vancouver—The Chameleon of the Flooring World

LogoOnce upon a time, vinyl flooring was synonymous with linoleum—and ugly linoleum at that. A one-time fashion don't in the housing world, vinyl flooring has evolved considerably over the years, gaining a reputation as one of the most durable and beautiful flooring solutions thanks to its ability to convincingly mimic the look of high-end options such as wood, stone, and tile. For more, go to:

Vancouver Fence Repair Company Offers Tips on Caring for Aluminum Fences

LogoNo matter what a fence is made of one thing is certain—over time, the wet, windy Vancouver climate will take its toll. But homeowners who have invested in aluminum fencing have less to worry about. A simple scrub-down is all that's necessary to prolong the life and beauty of this hardy, yet beautiful fence. For more, go to:

Mattress Cleaners in Vancouver Publishes Blog About Busting Bedbugs

LogoFor those who want a cleaner, healthier night of sleep, the clean team at Angelo's FabriClean provides mattress cleaning in Vancouver. On the whole, the team recommends mattresses should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, because there's a whole lot happening between (and underneath) the sheets. For more, go to:

Pro Ace Air Conditioning in Vancouver Offers Spring Maintenance Service

LogoSummer has been a mixed bag so far, but it won't be long before air conditioners are working at full capacity. Before the mercury rises, contacting an air conditioning service in Vancouver to schedule a tune-up is highly recommended to ensure the unit is clean and running efficiently and safely. For more, go to:

Squeaks Plumbing & Heating Advises on the Most Common AC Problems

As the most reputable provider of residential air conditioning repair in Lafayette, CO, Squeaks Plumbing & Heating have advised on the most commonly occurring AC problems. If identified early enough, many of these problems can be fixed at home without requiring professional assistance. Summer is an ideal time to ensure AC systems are fully maintained to avoid an increase in utility bills as the units work hard to cool homes throughout the summer months.

Paramount Fencing Encourages Installations of Vinyl Fences

The team at Paramount Fencing, Inc. are experts in all things fences, and they know that clients have different needs when it comes to protecting their homes and adding curb appeal to them. When it comes to residential fencing, Paramount Fencing strongly encourages the installation of vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their yard. Not only is it durable and cost-effective, but it creates a cohesive look to any space.

Stone Center of Virginia Offers Quality Materials for Home Improvement Projects

When homeowners or hardscaping professionals need quality stone veneers in Gainesville, VA, or the surrounding areas, to revamp outdoor living spaces, they make a trip to one of Stone Center's showrooms located in Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, and Richmond. With indoor and outdoor displays, customers have no trouble viewing and assessing Stone Center's stunning array of top-quality hardscaping materials.

Stone Center of Virginia Offers Quality Materials for Home Improvement Projects

When homeowners or hardscaping professionals need quality stone veneers in Gainesville, VA, or the surrounding areas, to revamp outdoor living spaces, they make a trip to one of Stone Center's showrooms located in Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, and Richmond. With indoor and outdoor displays, customers have no trouble viewing and assessing Stone Center's stunning array of top-quality hardscaping materials.

Tarzan Tree Services Offers Complete Tree Removals in Virginia

There are an endless number of reasons why a property owner may want a tree removed from his or her property. Sometimes, the tree is dead and poses a liability issue for the homeowner. Other times, the tree simply isn't aesthetically pleasing and is lowering the property's value. No matter what the reason, residents know that they can trust Tarzan Tree Services for safe, comprehensive, and complete tree removals in Chesapeake.

Tarzan Tree Service Helps Control Summer Pest Infestations with Dead Tree Removal

Wood boring insects and pests like termites, beetles, and mice all enjoy building their homes in dead trees. Dead trees provide a safe haven they can use to reproduce away from the threat of predators. Unfortunately, homeowners who have a dead tree on their property might see some of these uninvited guests this summer if they allow the tree to stick around. Tarzan Tree Service is encouraging any property owner who has a dead tree or stump in their space to call for tree removal in Chesapeake as soon as possible to prevent an infestation.

Boyd Plumbing and Drain Repair Offers Reliable, Affordable, and Professional Services

LogoBoyd Plumbing and Drain Repair is one of Sacramento's premier residential and commercial plumbing companies. Comprising a team of seasoned, skilled, and trusted professionals, it offers a wide range of reliable services. They include water line replacement, new fixtures, sewer drain cleaning, sewer main replacement, sewer repairs, sump pump and ejector pump services, leak detection, water heater services, and gas pipe repair and installation respectively. Other services that Boyd Plumbing and Drain Repair offers include gas line services, kitchen and bath drain, water filtration, water jetting, pipe repair, drain cleaning, and camera inspection.

Basement Medics Proud to Offer Quality Basement Waterproofing Systems That Work

LogoDamp and moldy basements can damage possessions and compromise the structural integrity of a commercial or residential building. As a leading provider of dehumidifier installations in Bucks County, PA, Basement Medics is also proud to offer a range of quality waterproofing and moisture removal services to protect buildings from water damage.

Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects Offer Multi-City Architects for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Projects

Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects has rightfully earned their way to the hall of fame as one of the best architecture firms, thanks to their endeavors to bring forth creativity and technical excellence in all their projects. The partners have all been united by a common goal, which is putting to practice the theory of design to sustain and creation of spaces that reflect on their clients' requirements. All the capabilities that Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects bring with them are enhanced by the fact that they are a multi-city architecture firm.

Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning Available for AC Replacement and Repair Services Throughout Ocean County

LogoCare Temp Heating and Air Conditioning is available for AC replacement and repair services throughout Ocean County for the remainder of the 2019 summer season. The professional team of technicians at Care Temp have provided AC replacement services in Ocean County for over two decades. The company's affordable AC installation and repair services utilize the latest technology and training techniques to provide expert solutions for a variety of common and uncommon HVAC issues.

Attention, Pet Owners: Follow These 5 IAQ Tips

Summer weather in Arizona can be brutal. When the humidity hits and the scorching sun beats down, many homeowners can't wait to retreat to their temperature-controlled homes for some chilled relief. But humans aren't the only beings who find relief in a comfortable air-conditioned home. Pets also need cool spaces to relax. Larson Air wants to remind residents that sizzling summers often equate to more time indoors for their best friends. And more time spent indoors with pets can often affect a home's indoor air quality.

Tom Adams Offering Free Carpet Installation, Bay & Bow Window Sales This Summer

Tom Adams Windows and Carpets is pleased to announce that they are offering up to $700 off on their bow and bay windows from July 20th until 31st. This amazing sale is perfect for DIY homeowners, contractors, and house flippers alike.

North Vancouver Fence Installer Provides Tips for Cougar Proofing

LogoA secure fence enclosure can help home and farm owners proof against predators says North Vancouver fence installer

A-1 Electric Now Offers Summer Emergency Electrical Services

LogoNow that the summer season is in full swing, home and business owners across Bucks County are relying on A-1 Electric to provide both scheduled and emergency electrical services. A-1 Electric is an independent third-party electrical company that provides everything from basic residential repairs to bucket truck services in Bucks County.

Vancouver's 365 Junk Removal Company Shares Tips for Removing Clutter in the House

Sometimes keeping homes clutter-free is quite a task. With a fast-paced daily life, it's easy for junk to accumulate, leaving households messy and disorganized. But finding the time and energy to correctly clean-up and dispose of the mess can be challenging. That's why 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver has recently published a blog full of tips on how to manage the process of decluttering. For more, visit

Get a Patio That's Ready for Summer with Stone Center

Summer unofficially started over Memorial Day weekend, and that means backyard season is underway. This is the time of year to spend by the pool or on the patio. Homes that don't have patios, though, are excluded from the summer fun, but can partake in the season's outdoor festivities with help from Stone Center.

ASAP AIR A/C and Heating Offering Top Grade A/C Repair and Service in Houston

LogoBased in Houston, Texas, ASAP AIR A/C and Heating is a company dedicated to serving people in need of excellent air conditioner and heating furnace installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair services. It is a family-owned and operated business offering quality yet competitively priced services consistently since its inception more than four decades ago. The bespoke services it offers are a result of the company's penchant for meeting specific requirements of its customers and its vast industry experience and evolved skills. If compared to the competition, services offered by ASAP AIR A/C and Heating cost 20 to 30% less.

Inland Home Improvements Provides Expert Roofer in Liberty Lake and Spokane Washington

LogoRoofing is a crucial task, and therefore, needs to be done by experts. A solid roof structure is necessary to ensure the security and protection of the people who will reside there. Henceforth, the entire job should be performed under the supervision of a highly experienced and expert roofing serviceman. This is where Inland Home Improvements comes into the scene.

Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Engages Expert Remodeling Contractor in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada

LogoThe process of remodeling is a complicated job, and hence, requires professional assistance. From picking a designer to preparing and after that sticking to this budget, home improvement projects may be an overwhelming affair to every homeowner. This is where Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling comes into the scene.

Neumann & Sons Tree Service Begins Working with BizIQ

Neumann & Sons Tree Service, a local, family-owned tree trimming and care company, is now working with BizIQ, a Phoenix-based digital advertising and content marketing agency.

Ace Solves It All Advises on the Most Common Signs That AC Systems Are in Need of Maintenance

As the top-rated provider of AC maintenance services throughout Kissimmee, FL, Ace Solves It All is dedicated to keeping their customers comfortable and cool all summer long. Now that the season is in full swing and air conditioning systems across the region are on full blast, there can be issues and other symptoms that arise. Now, the team at Ace Solves It All is advising on some of the most common signs that an AC unit may be in need of repair or maintenance.