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G. Cannon Roofing and Siding Available for Commercial Roofing Services

LogoWhen the roof of a commercial building requires work, whether maintenance or complete replacement, the project presents distinct challenges to both the business owner and the contractor hired to work on the roof. G. Cannon Roofing and Siding are roofing contractors near Conshohocken that are qualified to navigate these challenges.

A Third of People Would Move for a Better Garden: London Stone Comments

According to a recent survey from Lloyds Bank, it has been revealed that one in three parents interviewed believed their children did not spend enough time outdoors. Many expressed disappointment at their situation, including the lack of an adequate garden space, with a third also stating that they would consider moving house for a better garden area.

Whitehouse Landscaping of Boyertown, PA, Now Offering Organic-Based Lawn Care

LogoOftentimes, homeowners dream of having a lush, green, well-tended lawn to complement their beautiful house and garden, but are afraid of lawn care companies employing the harsh chemicals and fertilizers that they associate with these services. Now, Whitehouse Landscaping of Boyertown, PA, is offering organic-based lawn care so that homeowners can have the lawn of their dreams while never having to worry about possible environmental or health effects caused by dangerous lawn care practices.

Replace Leaky Roofs with Best Roof Repair Services by Prime Seamless & Gutters

Prevent The Walls From Getting Dampen With Best Roof Repair Services By Prime Seamless & Gutters

UAC General Contractors Offers Construction Services in California

LogoUAC General Contractors California provides all the latest home products on the market for home remodeling with more cost effective products and materials to customers. We provide affordable and modern and classy quartz, soapstone and wooden materials for any style.

Air Conditioning Canoga Park Offers Customers Premier Installation and Repair Services for Their Heating and Cooling Systems

LogoWhen it comes to electrical appliances, the truth is that it is best left to be handled by professionals.With warm summers and cool winters, heating and cooling systems in California are becoming more and more of a necessity.

Air Conditioning Los Angeles Provides the Fullest Diversity of Air Condition Services for Both Residential and Commercial Properties

LogoAir Conditioning Repair Los Angeles is the leading AC Servicing Company in the Los Angeles, California. Our customer base spans from the residential customer to the commercial customer.  Our value proposition to customers is to offer a fair, quick, reliable and dependable service. For the best repair service our technicians are fully trained to offer prompt professional service to satisfy our valued customers. As a part of our unique offering, we are State of Los Angeles Certified, provide a one year labor warranty and we have employed bilingual staff of highly trained commercial technicians, who provide scheduled maintenance and service to ensure the newly installed mechanical system operates efficiently and effectively.

Stone Center of VA Offering Quality Flagstone for Walkways and Other Home Improvement Projects

Using flagstone in home improvement projects can have stunning results. This type of stone, known for its use in ancient castles and as a component in certain recognizable types of architecture, is versatile and may be used as paving slabs, for walkways and on patios, fencing and roofs. Stone Center of VA has announced that they can provide flagstone to Chantilly and Fairfax, VA, homeowners who are seeking it as a tasteful and unique addition to their properties.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Announces Promotions for Month of July

LogoCabinets are one of the most important aspects of a remodeling project because it pulls together the interior design of the room. Homeowners looking for high quality cabinets at an affordable rate can opt for the cabinets available at Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers. The cabinet company of Little Falls, NJ, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers, is pleased to announce their cabinet promotions for the month of July. To prove to customers that their facility is unmatched in terms of price, quality and service, the company offers limited time only promotions.

Plumb Fixit Greenwich Hires SERP Control Marketing to Reach New Clients Digitally

Plumbing is something we rarely think about until it goes wrong, and when it does, it is often a serious emergency. Plumbing malfunctions can create hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes and offices, meaning fast, effective and knowledgeable tradesmen are worth their weight in gold. Plumb Fixit - Plumber Greenwich is a company created by a team of experienced plumbers to provide the best plumbing services in South East London. They have just signed a deal with an online marketing consultancy specializing in online marketing for tradesmen to ensure they can be found online by the people who need them.

Delta World Charter Successfully Completes Airlift of Critical Healthcare Units to Erbil

LogoDelta World Charter on June 16, 2015 successfully operated a cargo charter from Brno to Erbil for its strategic customer. The airlift was to facilitate the delivery of MRI/CT scan units for one of the largest suppliers of healthcare technology in the world. Aboard the 747-200F was a total of 33 tons of this critical healthcare equipment and spares.

Coastal Marine Construction, LLC Now Offering Construction Services for Docks and Piers

Yachts, boats and other water-recreation vehicles need to be moored on a durable, sturdy dock. If the dock fails to be reliable, serious problems could arise. Commercial and residential properties that need a dock repaired or built must find a contractor they can rely on to accomplish the task. This summer, the waterfront construction company, Coastal Marine Construction, LLC, is pleased to announce that they are offering estimates for pier and dock building projects. Landowners looking to have a pier or dock installed on their waterfront property can contact the contractors by calling 848-232-2993 or by filling out the form online.

Nassau Electrical Supply Providing Reliable Submersible Pump Cables for Direct Burial

LogoWhen applications require electrical wire in underwater situations, many contractors will have a difficult time finding the high-performance products they need. Offering competitive prices on their entire inventory of electrical wires, Nassau Electrical Supply is providing reliable submersible pump cables for direct burial.

Colkett Painting Offers Fully Customized Interior Painting

LogoHomeowners in the suburbs of Philadelphia, which include Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, tend to invest a significant amount of time and money into their interior decorating. When it comes time for a new coat of paint in any room, homeowners in these counties demand high-quality work that fully realizes their vision for how their homes should look. Colkett Painting, an interior painter based in Bucks County, fully customizes each interior painting job so that homeowners get exactly what they want.

Liberty Contracting Now Offering Masonry Services in Bucks County, PA

When it comes to quality masonry work, homeowners need a contractor that they can trust. Whether it is a wall that needs replacement or a brand new addition to the building structure to a qualified mason should be able to perform the task properly. This summer, the Philly roofing contractors, Liberty Contracting, is pleased to announce that it is offering masonry services in the Bucks County, PA, area. Residents in need of stonework on their house are invited to contact the company for a free estimate.

PA Business Offers Extensive Comprehensive Air Conditioner Services

In the summer, it's more important than ever for property owners to be conscientious about the state of their air conditioning systems, keeping the well-being of their occupants in mind. The state of an air conditioner can quickly deteriorate when it is not routinely inspected for problems. For that reason, Quality Air Heating & Air Conditioning is offering extensive comprehensive air conditioner services, including repairing improperly functioning systems and installing brand new replacement systems.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Announces Energy Audits Available

LogoEven though Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling's headquarters lie in Cherry Hill, NJ, they still offer their services to Pennsylvania residents. The company services and installs air conditioning and heating units, and also provides a wide variety of plumbing services. Last but not least, they offer energy audits to all of their customers. In fact, homeowners throughout the area who are looking for reputable technicians to perform an energy audit in their NJ or PA home can give the company a call immediately at 866-953-8728, or email them at

6 out of 10 British Men Put off DIY Work

Researchers have found that the majority of men knowingly procrastinate on DIY jobs, admitting that they make excuses for doing so. The top excuses offered by participants in the study for this, included the feeling that they did not possess the practical skill, confidence or motivation to complete DIY tasks. With a proportion even admitted that they left tasks incomplete in the hopes that their partners would call in professional tradesmen. The survey of 1,000 men found a reluctance on their part to involve themselves in DIY work around the house, with many suggesting their fathers knew much more than they did.

Lippmann Milwaukee on Track for Record Growth in 2015 After Reporting Q1 and Q2 Performance

Construction, manufacturing and mining are some of the industries first hit by economic downturn, but they are often the first to recover. Businesses who sell to these industries have a lot to gain from their recovery, and creating cost-effective and innovative solutions to their needs can help them do so even faster. Lippmann Milwaukee has been building year on year since 2008, and is reporting record-breaking progress so far in 2015. The report for Q1 has just been matched by June figures, and July looks to top them.

Westchester County Spray Foam Insulation Business Announces Free Estimate Scheduling Online

Tri-State Home Insulation has just announced the ability to schedule a free estimate via their website. As new energy codes are rolling out through the states, the cost gap between traditional fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation continues to shrink. Tri-State Home Insulation explains that "Spray foam insulation closes off any and all of those gaps and leaks that are draining air from your house and dollars from your wallet. The real reason to consider spray foam insulation for a remodeling project or new construction is that it is a complete sealant. This acts as an effective barrier for moisture, air, water, dust, and more.

Garden Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home Say Experts

It wasn't long ago that the decline of the British front garden was being lamented. With over a quarter of homeowners opting for a non-lawn option, in favour of gravel and paving stones, it seems that there may have been good reason why. Experts advise spending 15-20% of a home's value on landscaping the outdoor spaces, with two thirds of this being allocated to the back garden. According to estate agents, the choice makes a huge difference to the value of a home when being sold, as well as the aesthetic appeal of it.

Alan Cherry's Exteriors Showcases Completed Roofing and Siding Projects on Their Facebook Page

LogoAlan Cherry's Exteriors is a company that provides siding, window, and roofing installation services throughout South Jersey. As a company that prides itself on being transparent, Alan Cherry's Exteriors is happy to announce that they are showcasing many completed roofing and siding projects on their Facebook page.

Get Backyard Patios Designed by Rock Solid Landscape

LogoA nicely designed outdoor space provides both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can make optimum use of their open spaces by getting backyard patios designed by Rock Solid Landscape. They create backyard patios with the most innovative designs that comprises an open flame area, barbecue and ample seating place for family and friends. Those who are looking for dream outdoor living areas, can trust on them for creating backyard patios for fine dining and relaxation.

Project Management Training in Calgary

LogoOffered between September 21 and September 25th, 2015 in Calgary, Canada, this 3 course program is a resource to help plan for the development of new construction project managers (w/3-5 years of experience) in the areas of Project Management Orientation, Project Controls Overview and Contract Administration, which can be taken individually or bundled for a comprehensive week-long educational experience. Here is a brief synopsis of each course.

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. Now Offering Complimentary Quotes on Window Replacements

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. is a Mount Ephraim, New Jersey-based organization providing the highest quality in custom welded and high-end windows for property owners throughout the region. Right now, New Window Factory is announcing that they will provide complimentary quotes for all clientele contacting them in reference to window replacements of all kinds and sizes.