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Liquidbreaker vs Mifab in San Diego, CA

Liquid Breaker, inventor and creator of the Green Drain announces the company has mutually decided to cancel all licensing and distribution agreements with Mifab in early December 2014. As it was a pleasure doing business with Mifab, the growth potential of Mifab was limited. Since the termination of these agreements, Mifab is no longer licensed by Liquid Breaker to sell or distribute the Green Drain or the Mi-Gard product that was manufactured by Liquid Breaker. Unfortunately Mifab has not honored its commitments in this regard and Liquid Breaker has filed a lawsuit against Mifab to prevent further abuse.

Rissland Garage Door Company Creates New Video to Showcase Their Services

Promoting services online is essential, but it is also a highly competitive and crowded market. This makes standing out essential. Most of the information online is simple text, and is not stimulating or interesting to look at, making video the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. The Rissland Garage Door Company has taken this to heart, and produced a new video using dynamic text, imagery and animation to promote their services to new audiences. The company install, maintain and repair garage doors in NJ, and the video outlines exactly what they provide.

Quality Landscaping Offering Lawn Maintenance Services Around Coral Springs This Spring

LogoWith spring comes lawn care. Offering a full range of lawn maintenance services, Quality Landscaping is announcing they are available for professional lawn care around Coral Springs, Florida this spring season. As the sun will be shining and eyes will be attracted to the landscape, property owners want to ensure their lawns provide a beautiful and aesthetic appeal. Specializing in lawn maintenance, their professionals provide the best service at the most affordable rates for complete satisfaction.

Spring Lawn Aeration May Eliminate the Need to Dethatch

LogoSome lawn care companies may suggest clients have an annual aeration and dethatching performed in the spring to ready lawns for the cutting season. This may very well be overkill and possibly does more harm than good. A well timed spring aeration, without dethatching, may take care of both issues.

Quality Air & Sheet Metal Inc. Provides Air Quality and HVAC Services

Quality Air & Sheet Metal Inc. provides comprehensive heating, cooling and ventilation services as well as air quality improvement and remediation services for all of their clientele. They are currently announcing their availability to accept new clientele for their HVAC and Air Quality services throughout the applicable service areas.

Artificial Grass Manufacturer, Global Syn-Turf, Inspires Californians to Keep Lush Lawns Despite of Mandatory Water Restrictions on WaterSavers Day

Global Syn-Turf, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of artificial grass, participated in WaterSavers Irrigation's Demo Day on April 3rd. The event took place at one of WaterSavers Irrigation's warehouse stores in Dublin, Alameda County, California. More than 100 Northern California irrigation and green industry professionals and consumers attended the event to test out the latest irrigation systems and landscaping supplies, and listen to presentations from top supply manufacturers.

J & L Paving Offering Driveway Sealcoating Services in Montgomery County, PA This April

LogoFor those who don't know, winter weather has an impact not only on the roads, but also driveways. In fact, driveways can become littered with depressions due to the ground below the driveway constantly freezing and thawing. When cold weather becomes an afterthought, many home and business owners begin their spring cleaning rituals. Aside from cleaning, they may also need upgrades or repairs done to their property—one of which can include a new or improved driveway. To help home and business owners get their property looking great, J & L Paving Concepts located in Warminster, PA, is pleased to announce that they are offering driveway sealcoating to Montgomery County, Bucks County, PA home and business owners this April.

Stanley Paving Announces Pothole Repair Services Available This Spring

LogoPotholes are a nuisance. Not only do potholes look destructive they are destructive. Also, due to the very cold winter much of the Tri-state area experienced this year, many roads, parking lots, and driveways have become plagued with potholes. Although people do anything and everything they can to prevent potholes from forming, there is just no remedy. However, when a pothole does form, one company that they can call to have it filled immediately is Stanley Paving. Therefore, for those who are finding themselves in need of any pothole repair or black top repair services in South Jersey, etc. this spring, Stanley Paving is ready to help.

Sneddons Get Ready for a Busy Autumn Season

Sneddons - one of the top home heating and cooling companies in Melbourne - have had a great start to the year, having supplied and installed hundreds of wood heaters and gas fireplaces in many Melbourne homes. The team have been kept busy since coming back after the Christmas break, and the April month has brought no change to this as the phones continue to ring off the hooks.

All Lights Electrical Services Reports Record Demand for Residential Riverside Electrical Services

All Lights Electrical Service, a reliable and dependable source for a wide variety of home electrical services reports record demand for residential Riverside electrical services. The company has seen steady growth in business throughout the region. As more homeowners choose to keep their homes in a "down" real estate market they are requiring additional home contractor related services. From plumbing to roofing and remodel projects, the area is booming when it comes to the need for home services. All Lights Electrical Services provides friendly and professional home electrical services in Riverside CA and other parts of Southern California.

Contractor Home Pros Provides 100 Percent Free Construction Job Leads

Contractor Home Pros strives to help home owners and contractors connect, through the use of a directory which is completely free for all parties. With the help of this directory, a home owner may find a contractor in his or her area, read consumer protection guides and more. Contractors may obtain Free Contractor Job Leads also, simply by claiming a free directory listing. Everyone benefits in this situation.

Lake Worth Garage Door Experts Announces Sale on Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

Hurricanes can be a serious hazard during summer months, and no part of the house is more vulnerable than the garage, where flimsy doors can be torn off to wreak havoc on the surroundings as well as wrecking the contents within. Lake Worth Garage Door experts has been serving the Lake Worth area and the wider Palm Beach County for years, and has seen first-hand the devastation hurricanes can cause, and the damage poor quality doors can do in those extreme conditions. As a result, they have resolved to offer hurricane-proof garage doors at unbeatable rates, to help people be ready to resist the storms with impunity.

Boiler Grants Info Publishes New Information on ECO 2 Government Funding Scheme

From April 2015 a new round of funding is released by the government to help people convert their old condensing boilers to new energy efficient models. If a qualifying boiler breaks down, homeowners can receive a grant to replace it with an energy efficient boiler. The new scheme, entitled ECO 2, is now available, and watchdog Boiler Grants Info is recommending everyone apply for the scheme before the general election, to prevent any potential changes in government getting in the way of receiving the funding. The website also includes all the steps needed to apply.

Waterstone Landscaping Launches Landscaping Oceanside to Serve Calgary Communities

Culver City landscape design firm Waterstone Landscaping has developed a great reputation in the landscaping industry in Canada. Led by Paul Gettis, they have gone from strength to strength since they opened for business in 2002. Now, they have created a new and exciting venture in the form of Landscaping Oceanside, aiming to deliver the same quality of service to the Calgary area. They have launched a unique website for the business, and have laid out the kind of service Calgary citizens can expect when looking to transform their outdoor spaces.

Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. Announces Custom Edge Detail

LogoPhiladelphia and New Jersey homeowners hold Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. in high regard for the company's ability to design, build and install granite kitchen countertops in Burlington County, NJ, and the nearby areas. The company constantly seeks to provide beautiful custom work for their clients. Most recently, Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. have announced that they can craft custom edge details for any custom countertop.

Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms Announces Availability for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

LogoWhen homeowners need affordable, high-quality kitchen remodeling, they often find that updating their cabinets is a simple yet effective way to give their kitchens a makeover. In particular, custom and specialty cabinetry can vastly improve a kitchen's appearance and functionality. To help homeowners remodel their kitchens, Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms has announced that they are offering custom kitchen cabinets in Newtown, PA and the rest of Bucks County, PA this April.

WJA Landscaping Offering Patio Redesign and Landscaping for Summer

LogoSummer is coming, which means that Montgomery County homeowners with patios can look forward to backyard dinner parties and barbecues from Memorial Day all the way to Labor Day. Some homeowners, however, may realize that their patio or landscape needs an overhaul before they can fully enjoy the warm weather. To get homes in shape for summer, WJA Landscaping, the most trusted patio contractor in Montgomery County, is offering patio redesign and landscaping to get homeowners ready for summer.

Latest Trends: Business Picks Up for Roofing Companies

Every year winter becomes one of the main reasons that roofs get damaged. Perhaps there's a telltale sign, but most of the time problems are really hard to spot. It's a good time to check your roof when the snow starts to melt. There are many homes who suffered with both minor and major hail damage from last year in Houston, TX." One telltale sign is there'll be a lot of these shingle granules that will be beaten off and they will stay in the groove," stated by one of the owners of a Houston roofing company in Texas. A few shingles usually take in a considerable measure of damage compared others and this can compromise the entire roof.

Money Saving Single Function Electrical Testers

Single Function Electrical Testers can accurately diagnose Circuits and transformers for problems and prevent equipment failure. Electricians can carry out a loop test for gauging the efficacy of RCD's and circuit breakers that are employed for insulation and protection against short-circuits. 17th edition single function electrical testers are exclusively designed to perform 17th edition & part p testing.

An Online Construction Induction Software That Can Save the Resources of Construction Companies

There can not be any better news than hearing that BuilderStorm ia launching a new feature that has been designed particularly for online construction inductions. The company has been the mainstay of the online construction management software industry and according to them, this new feature that is likely to catapult them to a leading position in the market will be attractive to potential users.

GH Now Offers Genuine SANDVIK Spare Parts at Very Competitive Prices

Positioning themselves as one of the leading providers of superior quality spare parts, GH has now come up with their latest series of SANDVIK spare parts. The SANDVIK spare parts that they are offering are available with the company at the most affordable prices. SANDVIK is a globally recognized engineering group that has unique expertise in material technology and provides top notch quality tools, equipment and spare parts for machineries. The range of SANDVIK spare parts that the company is offering are designed to perfection so that they meet all the high end needs of their customers.

Garrett McKenzie Environmental Group Steps in to Aid Storm-Battered North East

Still in the throes of one of the worst winters in history, the east coast finds itself in dire need of cleanup assistance. Widespread power outages have placed a considerable damper on mitigation efforts while the sheer magnitude of destruction in this region leaves local crews struggling to meet those who need the services. In light of this situation, large-scale environmental emergency mitigation and recovery company Garrett McKenzie Environmental Group recently ventured to Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island, to offer their expert assistance to area businesses, hotels and high-end condominiums hardest hit by the storms.

Foundation Repair Houston Helpers Offers a No-Obligation, Honest, Free Evaluation

Foundation Repair Houston Helpers ( offers a free, no-obligation, honest evaluation of one's home foundation to detect minor problems before they worsen. Although Houston is known for its affordable housing market, the area remains prone to foundation issues, due in part to the highly unstable soil found in the region. A routine home inspection needs to be on the list of items every homeowner should have performed on a regular basis.

The Plumbing Authority Makes Big Impression on Google with Flawless Review Record

With impeccable work quality and outstanding customer service, The Plumbing Authority is making an unbeatable impression on Google reviewers. The Plumbing Authority's customers have left an unbroken string of flawless, 5-star reviews with Google, producing a 100% perfect record that is unmatched by any competitor. As a true standout on the Knoxville-area plumbing scene, The Plumbing Authority provides top-quality service and installation for residential and commercial customers with a team of highly trained employees led by a fourth-generation licensed plumber.

Appliance Repair Pros Launches New Business to Help Fix Broken Appliances Quickly

Appliances are often forgotten about when they are working well, people assume they will simply continue working forever, so it comes as an unpleasant surprise when one breaks down. Whether it be a washing machine, refrigerator, dryer, stove or oven, a breakdown can cause major disruption in the normal routine, which itself can upset life and work in such a way that is unacceptable. Appliance Repair Pros of Manitoba Canada have founded a business to put this disruption to an end, with fast and effective appliance repair.