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Garden Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home Say Experts

It wasn't long ago that the decline of the British front garden was being lamented. With over a quarter of homeowners opting for a non-lawn option, in favour of gravel and paving stones, it seems that there may have been good reason why. Experts advise spending 15-20% of a home's value on landscaping the outdoor spaces, with two thirds of this being allocated to the back garden. According to estate agents, the choice makes a huge difference to the value of a home when being sold, as well as the aesthetic appeal of it.

Alan Cherry's Exteriors Showcases Completed Roofing and Siding Projects on Their Facebook Page

LogoAlan Cherry's Exteriors is a company that provides siding, window, and roofing installation services throughout South Jersey. As a company that prides itself on being transparent, Alan Cherry's Exteriors is happy to announce that they are showcasing many completed roofing and siding projects on their Facebook page.

Get Backyard Patios Designed by Rock Solid Landscape

LogoA nicely designed outdoor space provides both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can make optimum use of their open spaces by getting backyard patios designed by Rock Solid Landscape. They create backyard patios with the most innovative designs that comprises an open flame area, barbecue and ample seating place for family and friends. Those who are looking for dream outdoor living areas, can trust on them for creating backyard patios for fine dining and relaxation.

Project Management Training in Calgary

LogoOffered between September 21 and September 25th, 2015 in Calgary, Canada, this 3 course program is a resource to help plan for the development of new construction project managers (w/3-5 years of experience) in the areas of Project Management Orientation, Project Controls Overview and Contract Administration, which can be taken individually or bundled for a comprehensive week-long educational experience. Here is a brief synopsis of each course.

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. Now Offering Complimentary Quotes on Window Replacements

New Window Factory Sales, Inc. is a Mount Ephraim, New Jersey-based organization providing the highest quality in custom welded and high-end windows for property owners throughout the region. Right now, New Window Factory is announcing that they will provide complimentary quotes for all clientele contacting them in reference to window replacements of all kinds and sizes.

Clendaniel Fence Offers PVC Fencing to Montgomery and Bucks Counties

For those looking to install a new fence around their property, PVC is often the material of choice due to its versatility, durability and attractive, clean appearance. PVC fences come in a variety of different styles and heights, and can be customized like any other type of fence. This summer, Clendaniel Fence Company of Warminster, PA, announces that it will be offering PVC fence installation to Montgomery County, PA and Bucks County, PA.

Tilghman Builders, Inc. Now Offering Estimates for Home Improvement Construction Projects

LogoTrying to find a reliable contractor to build a new feature to the residence can be an extensive process. One of the characteristics that make a contractor trustworthy is their vast experience in the industry. One such home improvement contractor with a large background in construction is Tilghman Builders, Inc. of the Southern Pennsylvania area. The building company seeks new residential construction projects and is pleased to announce that they are offering estimates for their work. Tilghman Builders, Inc. specializes in constructing a variety of home additions, such as bathrooms, in-law suites, kitchens, patios, and sunrooms.

Pennsylvania Specialists Provide Comprehensive in-Home HVAC Consultations

Based out of Bucks County, Ivey Air provides a wide variety of comprehensive HVAC services for clientele throughout Levittown, PA, and many of the surrounding regions. Right now, Ivey Air would like to announce that they are available to provide complimentary in-home consultations for services far beyond simple air conditioning repairs or installations.

Get ASV Posi-Track PT-100 Forestry Compact Track Loader from ASV Sales & Service

LogoTo carry out large scale construction projects effectively and conveniently, heavy duty equipment and machineries are essential. Not only do they enhance the productivity, but they can also be utilized in rougher conditions. Keeping this in view, ASV Sales & Service is providing ASV Posi-Track PT-100 Forestry Compact Track Loader at the most competitive prices. Constructors or builders looking for reliable and quality posi-track loaders in Australia can trust in the company for providing loaders that can bear rough and tough conditions. Easy and comfortable to operate, this posi-track loader is featured with a side-by-side radiator and hydraulic oil cooler, Cleanfix® auto-reversing fan, new tapered bearings with face seals on all roller wheels and a time-proven hydrostatic powertrain, etc.

Engineered and Tested Recon Retaining Walls from Superior Concrete Products

LogoEverybody dreams of owing a beautiful house and receiving appreciation for its aesthetic appeal. There are a number of structural additions that help in enhancing the look of a house. Retaining walls are one such functional structure. Customers planning to incorporate these materials in their yard can get engineered and tested Recon retaining walls from Superior Concrete Products. Being of superior size and mass the wall blocks offered by the company are tight between the blocks and lack any gaps which makes them ideal for building retaining walls.

Employ Historical Restoration Contractors and Revive the Damaged Building

The process of aging lay its marks on the skin and the behavior of the people. Similarly, this process gives a deteriorating touch to the buildings also. The historical monuments are one of the evidences of the glorious history. Therefore, for their restoration the employment of experienced historical restoration contractors like Spectra Company is necessary.

First Look at Arc Machine's New M217 Orbital Welding Power Supply

LogoArc Machines (AMI) in Pacoima, Ca. has long been a market leader in the field of orbital welding. Beginning with the Model 107 fusion tube welder in 1979, and the Model 207 in 1989, AMI set the industry standard for reliable commercial orbital fusion welding systems for over 30 years. Because of their simple robust designs, ease of use, and ability to consistently deliver quality welds, AMI has owned the lion’s share of the orbital welding market.

Downriver Plumbers Provide Professional Plumbing Services to Residential Houses and Commercial Buildings in Grosse ILe MI

Downriver Plumbers serving the Michigan Area including the Grosse ILe Township are offering a comprehensive list of services including professional solutions to the most complicated plumbing problems. The team of professional plumbers has worked for both residential and commercial clients including apartment buildings, townhouses, coffee shops, beauty salons, condominiums, grocery stores, retail shops, offices, warehouses, churches, schools, and warehouses.

Cottage Industries Launches New Website to Showcase Philadelphia Home Remodeling Services

A home is not just a house, it is an expression of those who live there, and an opportunity to create a domain that serves their life and loves. As such, no home is ever really finished, just as its owners never stop growing. Cottage Industries understands this, and offers award-winning, full service home remodeling to help people create the best version of their space. They have also done the same for themselves in cyberspace, designing a brand new website rich in features to showcase their work in new and impressive ways.

Foley Development Group, LLC Launches New Website to Promote Custom Home Building in Northern Virginia

Many people dream of owning their own home, but seek more than just someone else's shell to paint in their own colors. Building a home is the only way to uniquely express identity inside and out, but building a house requires a huge team with a diverse range of skills. Foley Developmental Group, LLC are custom home builders in northern VA, and specializes in helping people make their dreams a reality. They have just transformed their website to better reflect their design philosophy and showcase their work, with a rich new feature set and stunning images.

J & L Paving Concepts Offering Driveway Paving Services in Montgomery County, PA This July

LogoWarminster, PA-based J & L Paving Concepts is offering driveway paving to Montgomery County, PA residents and business owners this July. Those who have a cracked, broken, or just visually unappealing driveway can get in touch with the company during the day by calling 267-343-5282. Also, the company is proud to offer free estimates, and those who have any specific questions about their services are highly encouraged to submit them to the company via a contact form on their website

Your Plumbing Repairs Launches Website to Provide Local Plumbing Services to North London Clients

Plumbing is something we often forget about until it goes wrong, whereupon it is almost always an emergency to get it fixed. Searching the internet several years ago would have resulted in general websites about plumbing or major American chains that would be of no help, but finally Google and other major search engines are adapting to providing a localized service through the internet. As a result, Your Plumbing Repairs has been launched to help people in North London quickly and efficiently locate high quality plumbing services for maintenance, installation or emergency repair needs.

SoCal Air Duct Cleaning Launches New Services

SoCal Air Duct Cleaning, one of the well known Dryer Vent Cleaners In Los Angeles has offered a wide range of services to offer relief to home owners.

Greenman Offers Cleaning Services

Greenman, a professional cleaning services company has become the chosen HVAC Duct Cleaners In Los Angeles for home and office owners alike thanks to the smart and efficient solutions it offers them.

ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating Offers Air Conditioner Repair Services at Cost-Effective Rates

ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating provides commendable installation and repair services of the residential and/or the commercial system. With time, they have carved a niche for themselves by delivering their services at reasonable rates. Their technicians employ the latest techniques to diagnose, adjust, replace or repair the systems. For people residing in and around Houston, ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating are offering the leading yet cost-effective AC repair services.

Austin, TX Flooring Supplier Outlines Best Practices for Flooring Installation

LogoThe professionals at Floor King, one of Austin's leading flooring suppliers, have provided best practice guidelines for homeowners, businesses, or builders to achieve a painless installation process when installing new carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, or vinyl. These best practices ensure that the flooring installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Anthony Landscapes Now Offering Summer Landscaping Services in Bucks County

Summer is the perfect time to add landscaping features to a home. With flowers in bloom, lushly green lawns and trees and birds and butterflies visiting backyards, a well-landscaped home can become a veritable paradise. Clients looking to add to or maintain their property's natural features, or even add a pool or patio to fully embrace the summer season, can call Anthony Landscapes to tend to all of their landscaping and hardscaping needs.

Armor Roofing Remains a Trusted Local Certified IKO Contractor in Tennessee

Armor Roofing, a roofing contractor in Nashville TN, wishes to remind the local Nashville suburb that they are still working hand in hand with IKO, the world's largest shingle manufacturer to continuously meet the growing needs of surrounding customers with direct access to numerous range of shingle brands. "With Armor Roofing as their middleman and certified contractor directly working with the manufacturer, all our customers can be rest assured that what they get are genuine brands plus the added factors of convenience and affordability," explains an official company spokesperson.

Stanly Paving Now Offering Asphalt Paving Services to Philadelphia Property Owners This July

LogoWhen looking for a company that provides commercial asphalt paving in Philadelphia, one that property owners can turn to is Stanley Paving. In fact, this Burlington, NJ-based company is pleased to announce that they are taking new clients in need of asphalt paving services in the Philadelphia, PA area this July.

Baileys Floor Care Specialists Launches a Floor Restoration Campaign

According to Random Facts, the Norovirus or Norwalk virus survives in uncleaned carpets for a period of one month or longer, and running vacuum cleaners serve as one of the locations in the home with the largest quantity of germs. As several pounds of soil may build up in and under a carpet in one year, regular Carpet cleaning nottingham becomes essential. Furthermore, bed bugs often reside in carpets, and this is only one of the many reasons experts recommend a carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, yet more often is best.