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Pickens Construction Embraces Green Efforts

Pickens Construction recently shared some benefits of using recycled asphalt, as opposed to new asphalt. According to the company, this public service announcement was made in the interest of both consumers and the environment.

Core Plumbing Unveils a New List of Drain Cleaning Services

Core Plumbing has expanded its services catalog with a whole new list of drain cleaning services. The company has now launched a fully fledged drain cleaning department that will handle toilet repairs, leak detection and repair, clogged drain clearing, routine drain cleaning, and many more.

Air Current Inc. Offers the Best Air Conditioning Service in Deland and Lake Mary

LogoAir Current Inc. is a proficient air conditioning and heating Contractor Company that offers top quality installation and after-sales services on almost all essential brands. The team members within the company know that being relaxed and comfortable in the hot climate is very important for the health of the individuals. Air Current Inc. is the certified dealer for many leading air conditioning products, and they offer a full line of equipment to fit both the budget and the necessities of the customers.

Air Quality Control Duct Performs Duct Cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens and Palm City, Florida

LogoMany incidents happen quite unexpectedly, causing immeasurable damage. Fire can be the cause of a lot of damage. There are lots of examples that point out that the fire had been caught due to the dryer vent. A remarkable percentage of fire damage results from the dryer vent cleaning in Miami Beach and Palm Beach, Florida.

Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. Is the Trusted Source for Duct Cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens and Palm City Florida

LogoAir Quality Control Environmental Inc. is a leading company that offers top quality air duct cleaning services. This is an independent air quality company which has been providing services since the year 1991. This company offers services to their residential as well as commercial clients with outstanding duct cleaning services. All of the professional service technicians here have a vast knowledge of ductwork and HVAC systems and are qualified to use the patented technologies. Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. works to improve the quality of the air in the home as well as business. At present, the company offers services in Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Parkland and the nearby areas. 

Air Conditioning System Offers Heating Repair in Orange City and Sanford

LogoNo one enjoys the prospect of needing to replace their air conditioning. New equipment is a significant investment, and the chances are that there is never a good time for this bill to land. Fortunately, Air Current Air Conditioning can assist and offer the clients some fantastic benefits for air conditioning service in Deland and Lake Mary.

Accelerated Remediation Carries out Mold Removal in Delray Beach and Parkland, Florida with Precision

LogoNo matter how hard one tries, one will come across mold formation at some corners of your house. It usually occurs due to excessive flow of water or accumulation of it. After a certain point of time, mold formation leads to fungus growth which invariably proves to be hazardous for your health and can give rise to ultimate asthma attach and some fatal diseases, if not taken proper care on time.

Accelerated Remediation Brings the Best Mold Removal in Delray Beach and Parkland Florida Services at Hard to Find Prices

LogoAccelerated Remediation is a reputed company that offers top quality mold inspection and mold remediation in Parkland and Pompano Beach Florida. As of now, the company provides services in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Parkland, Highland Beach, Pompano Beach and the surrounding areas. The main aim of the company is to ensure healthy living and working environments by offering exceptional service in the indoor air quality industry. The company never compromises on the quality of work that they provide.

Spectrum of Floors Offers Specialized Flooring Installation in Allentown and Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Homes

LogoSpectrum of Floors is a famous company which offers all types of residential and commercial flooring installation in Allentown and Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. The company specializes in vinyl, laminate, tiles and LVT flooring. Moreover, the company also offers diverse types of commercial and residential carpeting. The carpets provided by Spectrum of Floors are very much hard-wearing, and they usually come at economical prices.

Spectrum of Floors Offers Premium Quality Hardwood Flooring in Allentown and Bethlehem Pennsylvania

LogoSpectrum of Floors is a distinguished name when it comes to hardwood flooring in Allentown and Bethlehem Pennsylvania. These stunning floors boost the value of the home for a reason. They pull a room collectively and express natural style and quality. The company offers hardwood floors in a high matte or gloss finish that looks incredible because of innovative technology.

Homeowners Can Prepare for Fall with Impact Landscapes, LLC

As the outside temperatures begin to dip, homeowners all across the Greater Philadelphia area will soon be starting to prepare their lawn and gardens for the fall weather. Just because the summer is coming to an end doesn't mean that it isn't important to take care of the lawn or garden anymore. The team at Impact Landscapes, LLC has proudly kept homes and businesses in the Philadelphia area looking beautiful all year round.

Los Angeles' Roofing Customers Are in Great Hands with Bilt-Well Roofing Company

LogoBilt-Well Roofing is a successful Building and Construction Company with extensive experience encompassing more than 80 years in the industry. The company provides roofing, solar installation, and custom decking to commercial and residential locations in Los Angeles, CA and the neighboring regions. The team at Bilt-Well Roofing has vast knowledge and experience in the most advanced innovative design trends, making them the most sought after roofing company in southern California. Their elite workmanship comprises licensed skilled sub-contractors and expert in-house labor.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions Uses the New Pavement Saver II to Deliver Superior Sealcoating to the Tri-State Area

One of the most trusted asphalt sealcoating companies serving Mercer County and many other areas throughout New Jersey, Asphalt Pavement Solutions, has been providing high-quality pavement solutions with incredible customer service for over three decades. As a company that continually strives to give its customers the best services possible, the company is proud to announce the addition of the new Pavement Saver II, a cutting-edge sealcoating buggy that not only cuts down on job time, but increases the quality and consistency of the sealcoat application.

Innovest Global Inc. (OTC:IVST) Set to Add $30 Million in Annual Revenue with Pending Acquisition

LogoInnovest Global Inc. (OTCMarkets:IVST) (the "Company" or "Innovest"), has signed a letter of intent, and agreed to final structure for the acquisition of a $30 million revenue company in the Building Materials Industry. This will add to its current operations in commercial and industrial products and services, and its recent biotech acquisition.

Republic West Remodeling Offering End to End Kitchen Remodeling Solutions

LogoWhen it comes to remodeling in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Republic West Remodeling is the leading source serving discerning patrons. The remodeling company was founded by Jim Weisman in the year 1995 on the principles of workmanship, trust and integrity, and continues to hold true to these founding values ever since. Republic West Remodeling has acquired a talented workforce of in-house designers, project managers, carpenters, and other professionals who put up a consolidated effort to pull of any assignment as per the client's expectations, specifications and deadlines. It also offers competitive prices, and great customer support to further the experience.

Kool View Gets One the Best Prices for Quality Replacement Windows in Madison and Janesville Wisconsin

LogoKool View is the renowned company that offers top class replacement windows in Madison and Janesville Wisconsin. The company provides premium quality replacement vinyl windows that will guarantee lesser energy cost, easy maintenance and will give an aesthetically appealing look to the building. Thus, individuals who are looking forward to beautifying their home by investing in replacement windows can contact Kool View.

Baltimore Innovations Offers a Wide Variety of Desiccants Preventing Damage to Packaged Products from Humidity

A world renowned, Baltimore Innovations offers the highest quality desiccants that prevent damage to packaged products from humidity. All of their desiccants are manufactured to dry out a region, ultimately reducing relative humidity. To maintain products' shelf life, it is essential to maintain relative humidity at a required level. The desiccant has to be in specific amount so as to absorb sufficient moisture and ensure that the product stays in optimal condition. Keeping this in view, Baltimore Innovations offers desiccants in varied options, including silica gel bags, desiccant canisters, desiccant vials, molecular sieve powder and many more. The desiccants they offer is quality tested and ensure optimum results.

Prepare for Winter Early with G. Cannon Roofing and Siding

LogoLabor Day Weekend is quickly approaching, and the warm summer weather will soon be gone. With that in mind, the winter weather that's coming can wreak havoc on the roofing and siding portions of a home. While there are many different ways to protect a home from the winter conditions, the experts at G. Cannon Roofing and Siding are among of the best options. With an experienced staff of roofing and siding technicians, their team has kept homes in the Greater Philadelphia area safe from the winter elements.

Property Owners Looking for a Reliable Wholesale Mulch Supplier Can Turn to Victory Gardens, Inc

Outside temperatures will soon be decreasing, and homeowners all across the Greater Philadelphia area will start preparing for the fall weather. Any experienced landowner understands the importance of mulch during the fall and winter. Those looking for a reliable supplier of wholesale mulch supply in PA should look no further than Victory Gardens, Inc. As one of the largest manufacturers in all of Bucks County, homeowners have trusted Victory Gardens, Inc. for over 20 years.

Go Green Lawn Services Is Helping Homeowners Prevent Lawn Flooding and Fight Mosquitoes

LogoGo Green Lawn Services is a leader in providing natural law care services to residents across Pennsylvania and Delaware. The company's Holganix-based lawn care program available in Wilmington, DE, and the surrounding areas allows homeowners to care for their lawns in a way that is not harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. With all of the rain that the East Coast has been experiencing lately, the team at Go Green Lawn Services is helping homeowners defend their lawns against flooding and mosquito infestations using a bionutritional approach.

Anglo-Nordic Offers Quality Boiler Parts and Diesel Pump Sets

From 1958, Anglo-Nordic have been the market leaders in the supply of heating components, oil boiler spares, and installation equipment to distributors in the heating oil and gas section. The company distributes for major manufacturers such as Fantini Technology Group, Monarch, Fluidics, Toby, HP Technic and much more. The company also offers an 'Anglo Selected' line of quality, handpicked products such as thermocouples, fire valves, and leak detectors at competitive prices. The company's team of experienced technicians offers solutions to any problem or query that customers might have relating to their products. Anglo-Nordic is a proud company that provides clients with the best level of services.

All the Above Tree Service Providing Stump Grinding Services

As the premier source for tree care services in Morrisville, PA and other nearby areas, All The Above Tree Services is currently providing stump grinding services for their local communities throughout the end of the summer as well as the upcoming fall.

Capital Kitchen Refacing Now Offers Custom Cabinetry

Homeowners who are looking to make their kitchens feel a bit more like their own space are being encouraged to contact Capital Kitchen Refacing to learn about how a custom cabinet installation can make any home sparkle with personality. Custom cabinetry allows homeowners to take control over their design, as well as add value to one of the most important rooms in any house. This makes it a popular service amongst those living in spaces with outdated or commercial design schemes.

Las Vegas Kitchen and Bath Specializes in Custom Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets in Las Vegas

LogoA house is a dream for every person, and everyone wants their home to look elegant. Certain places in a house like lawn, kitchen, and a living room represent the artistic taste and lifestyle of a homeowner. Talking about the kitchen, it is the most used place of the house and needs to be perfect. With quality custom cabinets and kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, one can now add marvelous appeal to one's kitchen.

Inland Home Improvement Offers Exclusive Services Related to Roof and Roofer in Spokane

LogoThe roof is one of the vital parts of the house. It is that very part that protects the homeowners against sun, rain and other climatic disturbances. Keeping the roof in top condition is, therefore, essential for the safety and security of the residents. Any damage if left untreated can turn severe only to cost dear later on.