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4FastPlumber Shared Tell-Tale Signs of Hard Water Problems

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Updated 9:15 AM CDT, Tue, September 11,2018

In a recent public service announcement, 4FastPlumber shared four signs that homeowners are having a hard water problem. The company indicated that hard water affects many homes in the United States each year.

Fredericksburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2018 -- 4FastPlumer recently shared four telltale signs of hard water in the home. 4FastPlumber defined hard water as fresh water that contains an unusually high mineral count, making it unsuitable for use in the home. The company indicated that hard water is usually found in areas that are rich in limestone, as this mineral tends to find its way into the water.

According to 4FastPlumber, one telltale sign of hard water is laundry, shower, and dishwashing problems. The company indicated that hard water makes it difficult to clean things well. 4FastPlumber stated that this difficulty is due to the fact that hard water makes it difficult for soap to form a good lather. Therefore, according to 4FastPlumber, difficulty getting clothes and dishes clean – and difficulty feeling clean after a shower, can be a sign of hard water.

The second telltale sign that 4FastPlumber identified is soap scum accumulation. According to 4FastPlumber, stains on tiles, tubs, sinks, and other areas of the house can be a sign of hard water buildup. The company stated that this is another result of the poor lather that hard water causes.

The company identified the third sign of hard water as unexplained appliance damage. 4FastPlumber shared that the minerals found in hard water can cause wear and tear on household appliances, such as dishwashers, water heaters, and laundry machines.

4FastPlumber also stated that hard water can also be detected through taste. According to the company, tap water that has a funny taste – metallic, rusty, a bit sour – can be an indicator of a high mineral content in the water. More details and information concerning hard water can be read at

In its concluding remarks, 4FastPlumber provided some company information. 4FastPlumber indicated that it employs experienced master plumbers and gas fitters, and that these master plumbers and gas fitters are all licensed and insured in Virginia. 4FastPlumber also stated that it has been providing plumbing services to homeowners and businesses in the Fredericksburg area for several years. 4FastPlumber shared that it is a family-owned business, and strives to continually provide exceptional customer service to homes and businesses in Northern Virginia.

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