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Ace Solves It All Advises on How to Address a Short Cycling AC System

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Updated 12:07 PM CDT, Mon, August 05,2019

Kissimmee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2019 -- AC systems can short cycle for several reasons. From dirty filters to electrical faults and even frozen evaporator coils, there are numerous possible causes for a short cycling AC system. As the most reputable provider of AC maintenance and water heater services in Orlando, FL, Ace Solves It All is advising on the causes of AC short cycling. Below are some pointers on what residents can do to solve this problem.

AC short-cycling occurs when there is a problem with the AC system that causes a malfunction and stops the unit from completing a full cycle and reaching its pre-programmed optimal temperature. In warmer months, thermostats send signals to AC systems when temperatures start to increase. If the AC short cycles, it will not be able to reach these lower temperatures because the unit shuts off prematurely.

Clogged filters and frozen evaporator coils are two causes of AC short cycling that can be fixed without professional help. Clogged filters will need to be replaced with new ones. Additionally, frozen evaporator coils can be defrosted if the AC system is turned off and allowed to thaw out over time. However, if the short cycling problems persist, a professional must be called to prevent further damage and increases in utility bills.

Other causes of short cycling include faulty electrical components, refrigerant leaks, and AC systems that are too large for the building s they are regulating. If home or business owners suspect an electrical fault, they are advised to turn the system off entirely and call a professional. For systems that are too large, smaller units must be bought to solve the problem. For refrigerant issues, professional help will be required.

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