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Affordable Garage Door Repair Offers Three Signs That Someone May Need Garage Door Repair

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Thu, November 15,2018

Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2018 -- Often used as one of the entrances and gateways to a home, garage doors are a lot more important than one may think. Not only is the garage used as a place to store cars and other important belongings, but it is also an important safety defense for any property. Aside from being a place to park a car for the night, a garage must also be able to keep the home safe. Affordable Garage Door Repair would like to help. Here are three signs someone may need garage door repair:

Slow Open/Close Time

Anyone with a long driveway has a good idea of how long it'll take for their garage door to open. After years of coming home from work or arriving back to the house, there's a solid chance most drivers have the time it takes to fully open memorized. If someone starts to notice their garage door taking longer than normal to open, they may have an issue on their hands. Before panicking, they need make sure the batteries in their remote are fresh. If their door is still taking longer than usual to open, give the team at Affordable Garage Door Repair a call.

As Soon As The Garage Door Closes, It Opens Right Up Again

Believe it or not - this is actually a common issue for many homeowners who actively use their garage door. Issues with keeping their garage door closed usually are created because of a problem with their door's photo-eye. A garage door photo-eye is a standard safety feature installed to make sure the garage door will not close if there is an object or person blocking its path. Make sure the photo-eyes are aligned properly and clear of any dust or dirt on their lens.

Sections Starting to Sag

Depending on the style of garage door someone has, it is not rare to start to notice sagging in between the breaks in their garage door. Sagging can also be an early indicator that the garage has some water damage. Not only is sagging an issue for the entire system, but it can also make it a much easier time for thieves to wander their way into part of a home.

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