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Bucks County Soapstone Works to Reduce Their Environmental Impact

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Updated 11:46 AM CDT, Wed, August 08,2018

Perkasie, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2018 -- Bucks County Soapstone, a trusted provider of natural stone countertops in Bucks County, strives to be conscientious of their environmental impact when using resources. Their use of water, heat, and the beautiful soapstone material that they craft all work together to cause less strain on the Earth's resources.

Any stone shop requires water both for their machines and to maintain a safe and clean shop environment. Allowing that water to run into the sewer system, however, is wasteful and irresponsible. Instead, Bucks County Soapstone has invested in a system that allows them to reuse water many times. After use, the water will run into a collection pit, pass through a heavy-duty filtering system, and then gather in large tanks in their shop.

Generating heat also requires crucial resources and may release harmful pollution into the environment. Fortunately, during the winter, Bucks County Soapstone uses the heat generated by their machinery to help warm their building.

Even the gorgeous soapstone that this company uses to create dark stone countertops and other items in Bucks County have a lower environmental impact than many other natural stones. Workers quarry this material with traditional methods using wire, water, and sand — but no other chemicals. Soapstone also comes from a mountainous region, so it leads to very little deforestation. Finally, the recent soapstone "boom" has helped many local communities create more jobs, increase tax revenue, and improve local services like road-building, sewer, water, and electrical infrastructure.

To find out more about how Bucks County Soapstone seeks to reduce their environmental impact or to explore their selection of stunning soapstone countertops, sinks, and other designs, please contact them today.

About Bucks County Soapstone
The showroom at Bucks County Soapstone features a beautiful selection of soapstone sinks, countertops and wide variety of other unique designs. While checking out these products, customers will be impressed by the unique texture of the products and how tactile this type of stone truly is. By using soapstone as an alternative to luxury resources like marble or granite, customers will be adding a countertop, sink or shower to their home that works to complement any type of color scheme. Each custom design is handcrafted by the pros at Bucks County Soapstone, based on the specific needs and desires of their customers.

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