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Eastern Pools Announces Its Updated Water Testing Services

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Updated 12:38 PM CDT, Thu, July 26,2018

Eastern Pools recently stated that it is now providing “Lamotte Spin Lab” water testing services for pool owners in Northern Ohio. The company stated that this computerized testing is the most advanced form of water testing currently available.

Norton, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2018 -- Eastern Pools, a pool and spa service based in Northern Ohio, recently announced that it has updated its water testing services, as a way to help keep Northern Ohio pool owners safer and healthier. Eastern Pools indicated that its updated water testing services utilize advanced "Lamotte Spin Lab" technology. The company described this technology as a computerized water-testing process. According to Eastern Pools, this new technology allows for same-day, in-store water testing.

Eastern Pools explained that water testing is a crucial process for pool owners, for many reasons. Eastern Pools indicated that, for one, water testing ensures that the water is clean and safe to swim in. According to Eastern Pools, not having enough chlorine – or, on the flip side, having too much chlorine – can be hazardous to swimmers' health. The company mentioned that water testing is all about maintaining the proper chemical balance.

Eastern Pools also shared that water testing is an important part of pool maintenance and repair. According to Eastern Pools, if a pool's chemical balance is thrown off, it can actually damage the heating system in the pool. The company stated that this will certainly lead to costly repairs. The company recommends that pool owners test their water at least once a week. The company also stated that pool owners should test their water more frequently on especially hot weeks. Eastern Pools shared that its Lamotte Spin Lab technology allows for the most accurate water testing available. Further information concerning water testing can be found at

Eastern Pools concluded its announcement by providing some information about its founding, history, and services. The company indicated that it has been providing pool and spa cleaning and maintenance in Northern Ohio for over fifty-five years, having set up shop in 1963. According to Eastern Pools, its staff has a combined experience of over 200 years in the pool and spa industry. The company stated that it is proud to call Northern Ohio home, and takes great pride in connecting with its community. Eastern Pools closed by mentioning that it carries pool and spa products from a variety of vendors.

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