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Leck's Greenhouses Advises on the Difference Between Liquid Fertilizer or Dry Fertilizer for Potted Plants

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Updated 1:00 AM CDT, Wed, October 16,2019

Feasterville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2019 -- Fertilizer products help to provide essential nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus to plants. The two most common forms of fertilizer are liquid and dry. As the leading garden shop in Feasterville, Leck's Greenhouses have recently advised on the differences between using liquid or dry fertilizers to feed potted plants.

Granular fertilizer is easier to store, and its slow release granules help to feed crops long into the season. They are efficient for pre-plant applications and easy to distribute into the soil. However, their high salt content can burn plant leaves and make roots steer clear of nutrients. They hold a non-uniform amount of nutrients, and immobile nutrients such as phosphorus cannot get as close to plant roots as they can when being carried in liquid products.

Liquid fertilizers are easy to handle when applying and blending. They provide uniform application and can be used for in-season and starter application. Liquid fertilizer also leaves the option for one-pass in the season as they blend easily with crop protection products. Unfortunately, they are more susceptible to loss and volatilization, and it can be expensive to convert equipment to handle liquid fertilizer.

Water-soluble fertilizers can be added directly to a plant pot or the water used for watering plants. The downside is that liquid fertilizers have to be used more frequently than granules. However, they are straightforward to use, cheaper than pellets, and much easier to control than granular products. For additional information, or to buy fertilizer in Bucks County, visit

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