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Pro Plumbing Air & Electric Offer Tips on Winterizing Residential Plumbing

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Updated 8:15 AM CST, Wed, November 14,2018

Lexington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2018 -- As the premier provider of hot water heater repair in Rowan County, NC, Pro Plumbing Air & Electric understands the importance of reducing energy usage and increasing efficiency during the winter. Now, the company is offering tips for their customers to winterize their home's plumbing for the upcoming cold season.

By utilizing a few cost-effective DIY strategies, homeowners can not only decrease wear and tear on their plumbing systems, but enjoy reduced utility bills through energy-saving measures. For instance, by purchasing affordable and pre-cut pipe insulation at a local hardware store, pipes can be protected from cold air and will lose less heat.

Additionally, by sealing exterior cracks around the home, it prevents unwanted frigid air from entering the premises and having an adverse effect on the pipes and even water temperature. Homeowners can use caulking or foam spray to seal these cracks and maintain a more constant temperature around the pipes.

For bathroom and kitchen sinks that are against the exterior walls of a house, it can be a good idea to leave their cabinet doors open on extremely cold nights. This can allow for warmer air to enter the cabinet and prevent the pipes from getting too cold.

Crawlspaces and basement windows can be another point of entry for cold air and chilly winds. In extreme cases, it can even freeze pipes and cause them to burst. By ensuring that these trouble spots are fully insulated, homeowners can help reduce energy loss by keeping warm air in, and cold air outside.

Individuals interested in winterizing their entire home, including optimizing their plumbing and heating systems' performances, can hire Pro Plumbing Air & Electric to get them ready for winter and help create a comfortable environment in their home all season long.

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