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Residents Enjoy a Consistent Water Supply with Well Manager's Suite of Water Storage Products

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Updated 9:00 AM CDT, Thu, August 09,2018

Hopewell, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2018 -- Using a well as the main water supply for a home is both environmentally conscious and excellent for saving money. Wells usually produce enough water for homeowners to live comfortably, but in the event of a drought or other water-limiting event, it's hard to say whether or not a well will provide enough water for people to live their lives as usual. However, New Jersey-based Well Manager offers solutions to avoid these types of problems.

Well Manager offers three storage tanks for well water in a line that they appropriately named, Well Manager®. The well pump solutions currently offered are the Well Manager® 210CPV, the Well Manager® 210CPH, and the Well Manager® 210CPLH. Each product has different specifications and performance results, but the idea behind these products is the same: allow people to have access to water in times when their wells aren't yielding enough for normal functions.

Well Manager® water storage tanks for wells are made to fit anywhere. They all can fit through a standard doorway, and two of the three products are flat enough to fit in some crawl spaces. Each of the three products comes with a user manual that offers a step-by-step guide to installation, setup, and maintenance. Well Manager prides themselves on offering products that perform exceptionally. For Well Manager, exceptional performance means that their storage systems will be able to generate a yield large enough to fill the tank, even when the well performs at a below-average rate.

People interested in Well Manager's products should visit their website, For a free quote on their Well Manager® products or various other product lines, call 866-902-0340.

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