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Tarzan Tree Service, LLC Offers Wintertime Tree Maintenance

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Updated 9:00 AM CST, Thu, November 29,2018

Hampton Roads, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2018 -- As the premier provider of tree pruning services in Norfolk, Tarzan Tree Service, LLC understands the importance of regular maintenance for ensuring the health and beauty of their customers' trees. Now, the company is offering wintertime tree trimming to protect trees from the damage of the elements and prepare them for a thriving spring season.

Many homeowners do not realize that winter can actually be an ideal time to prune and trim their trees. During the cold season, many shrubs and trees enter a state of dormancy, when leaves fall from trees and they enter a state of rest. Trimming the trees during this period is known as "dormant pruning," and it has several benefits on overall tree health.

For instance, dormant pruning can help to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and insects that can cause diseases in trees. By waiting until winter, these pathogens are less likely to be transmitted while pruning.

Another way in which winter trimming services can be effective and beneficial is by reducing the stress caused by winter weather. Environmental elements such as snow, wind, ice, and more can all cause significant damage to trees, but dormant pruning can make them not only safer, but aid in their rejuvenation by removing wood that's diseased or dead.

Winter pruning can also ensure that homeowners' trees are looking their best when spring arrives. By trimming in the cold season, trees can typically enjoy a quicker recovery process when the weather breaks, leading to new growth and overall healthier trees.

For more information on dormant pruning, or for stump grinding in Norfolk, please call Tarzan Tree Service, LLC at 757-204-1390 or visit today.

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Tarzan Tree Service, LLC. is owned and operated by Alex Domino and Rob Lacerda, both military veterans. Since its inception in 2011, the company has served the Hampton Roads area by offering tree trimming, removal and stump grinding to the many wooded properties in the community.

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