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Union Roofing Discusses Signs That a Home Needs New Siding

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Tue, August 06,2019

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2019 -- As leading siding contractors in the Montgomery County area, the experts at Union Roofing know a thing or two about what homeowners should look for to know whether their siding needs to be replaced.

The company installs wood, metal, vinyl, and masonry siding, all of which have their advantages. Wood and masonry are both durable and can offer versatility in terms of appearance. Metal offers strength, is resistant against rotting, and is eco-friendly, as it is made from recycled materials. Vinyl offers installation flexibility and convenience, as it can be installed over previously installed siding and also resists scratches and other damage to its appearance.

No matter which material a home has, siding doesn't last forever. One of siding's essential roles is keeping water from seeping into a home. But when siding shows signs of rotting, warping, cracking, fading, or bubbling, or it has developed holes, these are all signs that water is penetrating the siding and that there's a problem. Fungus, mold, and mildew will often grow on siding when water penetration occurs, causing further damage and harming the exterior appearance of the house.

Once this damage is present, it can lead to problems inside the home as well. For homeowners who have noticed an unexplained increase in their heating or cooling costs, defective siding may be to blame. If a house's siding is no longer performing its role as insulation and is letting warm air out during the winter and cool air out during the summer, it forces a home's HVAC system to work harder to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. Water seepage can also damage the paint or wallpaper on a home's interior walls.

Union Roofing does more than offer emergency roof repair for South Jersey; their team also consists of siding experts. Contact Union Roofing for an estimate.

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